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  • Immigration to Canada though express entry was introduced in January 2015 before this application were processed under federal skill worker program. With the introduction of immigration to Canada by express entry program has made the process much faster. The Permanent residency (PR) to Canada works on the basis of eligibility criteria. It is a centralized process from all over the world. The introduction of CRS points calculator along with federal skill points has made the process more efficient. With the new system of Canada express entry draw the awareness and eligibility criteria has increased the demand for Canada immigration process.


Canada has always been in the news for all the right reasons: burgeoning economy; economic affluence; a high standard of living; stable professional domain; a vibrant westernized lifestyle; virtually a crime free society with not a hint of racial slur; and true melting pot of diverse ethnic cultures.

This all can be had by ones – who were either born there, or have moved over by attaining permanent residency. You too can access this once in a life-time opportunity by applying for and obtaining Canadian skilled permanent residency visa.

Express Entry Salient Features 

Flight to this country on a PR visa is now more sure and closer to reality through the Express Entry: a prolific way to gain entry. This platform has won accolades world over: it has made it way easy for the applicants to place their requests; and the Canadian authorities to short list qualified professionals in various occupations. This scheme also guarantees you following things:

  • Time driven delivery of outcomes, if you are selected for the permanent residency, it typically takes 6 months to arrive at a decision;
  • Permission to settle down in any part of Canada;
  • Enjoy all the privileges afford to the nationals of the country; and
  • Opportunity to become a Canadian citizen through naturalization.

Who can migrate to Canada

You can also immigrate to this lucrative destination provided you fulfill the stipulated parameters for qualification. You as a candidate must meet following pre-conditions:

  • Work in an eligible occupation;
  • Possess appropriate academic qualifications required – this can be evidenced by getting an ECA report from one the official assessment agencies of Canada, like WES;
  • Have requisite experience – a minimum of one year in quoted profession;
  • Have appropriate skills in one or both of the official languages of Canada, English, or French. This must be evidence by writing one of the authorized tests;
  • Preferably be under 44 years in age, though you can place your applications up to the age of 45 years;
  • Have minimum required funds for subsistence for initial period;
  • Qualify for FSW point to create a profile; and
  • Score appropriately in CRS to stand a chance of being selected for the permanent residence of the country.

Primary Aspects critical to selection in Express Entry

  • Age of the applicant: EE allocates score on the basis of age: highest score can be attained by applicants aged between 19 to 29 years.
  • Academic qualifications: this factor helps fetch candidates second highest marks in CRS. One needs to have at least a diploma, a degree, a Masters, or a PhD.
  • Professional experience: a bona fide experience is a must, of at least one year in last the 10 years, immediately preceding the date of logging in profile on EE, in the occupation referred to in the profile.
  • Language compatibility: demonstrate having fair level of command over either of the official languages of the country: English or French by writing an authorized language test and score a minimum of CLB 7.
  • The profile of spouse: in case of married people that should include proofs of education and language.

Additional points that take could bring closer to an ITA:

  • Having sibling in Canada: if applicant or co-applicant has a brother or a sister living in any part of Canada, they enjoy the advantage by scoring extra 15 marks.

What else for qualification

  • Adequate funds. The funds do not have to be necessarily in primary applicants’ name – they can be in the name of spouse.

Where to start from 

One can start their endeavor to migrate to Canadian shores by following certain easy steps:

Step 1

Consult some experts: this might not be the first choice, but it always pays to have a specialist close-by to know about the intricacies of immigration laws and their implications. Rope in some experts for assistance.

This would help ascertain where does applicant fit in the scheme of the things: experts can help:

  • Determine occupational code;
  • Pinpoint every step of immigration process clearly; and
  • Let PR application endeavor steer in the right direction during the application and the follow-up process.

A consultation with an expert adviser would bring face to face with the prospects of moving to Canada, and the requirements that need to be fulfilled.

Step 2

Gathering all the necessary documents required for immigrating to Canada through Express Entry On an overall, applicants will need to collect following documents for their application:

  • ECA report;
  • Language test result form;
  • Proof of funds;
  • Work experience;
  • Other miscellaneous papers that substantiate identity and family details

ECA certification: academic qualification must be assessed by one of the authorized Canadian assessment agencies – this however, does not apply to the candidates applying under FSTP and CEC.

Writing an approved language test, applicant and spouse: the most important step – writing a language test helps substantiate linguistic skills in the official language of Canada.

Proof of funds: applicants must evidence that they have enough money to survive in Canada for a minimum period after they land in Canada with their families.

Collect all the necessary sundry documents: once step one has been completed, applicants must start collecting other relevant documents, and also their spouse – in case they are married – and their children. These documents may typically include their profile:

  • Photograph;
  • A valid travel document – a passport;
  • Contact details – proof of current residence;
  • Age – birth certificate;
  • A detailed description of education; and
  • A detailed elaboration of Occupational exposure.

These are in addition to details of spouse their children’s, if they have any.

  • Photographs;
  • Their valid travel documents – their passports;
  • Age – their birth certificates;
  • Education;
  • Detailed description of education;

Step 3

Profile creation

Once required documents are in place, the profile creation procedure can begin. Information must, nevertheless, keep it very honest – verifiable and authentic. These documents should be handy:

  • Photographs of applicants and dependents
  • Passports
  • Proofs of Age
  • Contact Information
  • Detailed academic accounts
  • Detailed list of professional experience
  • Proof of academic assessment
  • Proof of Language proficiency
  • Proof of funds
  • Details of chances of adaptability to life in Canada: presence of siblings in any part of Canada, or a pre-arranged employment offer – LMIA.
  • Details of Family
  • Inputs about spouse or common law partner, if married
  • Details of dependants, to be included in the application

A score of 67

People intending to create PR profile through FSW, must score a minimum of 67 points – based on following factors:

  • Age,
  • Education,
  • Language compatibility,
  • Professional exposure; and
  • Details of spouse, like ,
  • Their linguistic skills; and
  • Education

Profile on the EE

Finally, creation of profile on Express Entry. At this stage, there is no need to furnish any documents, but supply details about themselves and their family.

Their profile will be screened automatically by the system and granted points for each of the attributes of profile:

  • Age;
  • Educational qualifications – with a reference of ECA report;
  • Language proficiency – reference of outcomes of language test;
  • Experience;
  • Education and language abilities of your spouse – in case you are married;
  • Details of any siblings present in Canada; and
  • Nomination from a state, or perhaps an approved employment offer.

Step 4

Press the submit button for submission of profile

Pressing the submit button will register profile and the system would return by allotting following details:

  • Profile number – to be used in all future correspondence and creating a job bank profile; and
  • CRS score – this helps decide the rankings, and plays a pivotal role in selection.

Step 5

An ITA and response: this is what every applicant desires, an invitation to apply for permanent residence. If one is received, applicants must respond within two months, or 60 days of receipt of an ITA.

The second set of application must accompany required documentary evidence of details furnished at the time of profile creation.

This set must also include medical certificate and PCC.

Step 6

Receipt of request for passport submission for visa stamping: the last step in the whole tryst of permanent residence application process through Express Entry. Once IRCC is convinced with the genuineness of profile, it grants a permanent residence visa to the applicant.

Expert Assistance for Express Entry

This can make a lot of difference in your efforts. It is said, having someone by your side to make your journey through the immigration process easy can prove to be of a great difference. You can get some right here from us. You just need to supply us your details and get a free assessment done.






CONTACT US:www.airjara.com

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Liquid Funds To Show

  • Principal Applicant-CAD$12,669
  • Family Of Two-CAD$15,772
  • Family of Three-CAD$19,390
  • Family of Four-CAD$23,542
  • International English Language Testing System(IELTS) Fee-N76,000each adult

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